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Lucina Di Meco

Gender Equality Expert & Women’s Rights Advocate. Apolitical’s 100 Most Influential People in Gender Policy for 2021. She/Her

Sara hasn’t ceased to impress me with her commitment to women’s rights, her personal and professional integrity, her persistence, and her kindness. I know that Sara will make a difference in any role she’ll take, and I can’t wait to hear the great things she’ll be doing!

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Douglas Leavens - International Development Director - ACDI/VOCA

Resume Reviewer and Editor for Thrivers' Afghan Evacuees

Sara is a fervent advocate, committed to a "holistic" approach. Refugee men, women, and children need multiple supports in education, employment, housing, and medical services. From many years of international experience, I can honestly say that Sara's efforts are extraordinary for newcomers.

Jack Lee Picture- Intern_edited.jpg

Jack Lee - George Mason University 

Marketing Project Coordinator - Thrivers’ Summer Intern

I gained so much from my internship with Thrivers. I worked alongside Sara Abdel. Not only was I improving my communication, project management, and design skills, but I was also helping people. Sara made that possible for me and for them. And for that, I am grateful for this opportunity to go through this incredible experience with Thrivers.


Steve Vilkas

Chief Ecosystem Officer,
Prepare 4 VC - Boston, USA

Sara is a deeply intentional, authentic, and honorable professional with a rich, deep, and undeniably unique global perspective that also touches on very holistic and empathetic aspects of the human experience.

This combination of expertise, abundant self-awareness, and a high level of skill has enabled her to create incredible innovation, drive results and ensure real success.

Edward Shippen Bright .jpeg

Edward Shippen Bright

Fulbright Professor of Social Entrepreneurship
President , BrightNGOsolutions

Sara brings a mature and wise perspective to my international group of students and is not afraid to speak up and tackle tough issues especially as they relate to women's rights and Islam. She is an ardent advocate for empowering women, especially young girls to elevate the social and economic conditions of Egypt and throughout the Middle East.

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