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Advocacy and Philanthropy Programs

Latest Activities and Programs
Thrivers Interfaith Immigration Coalition


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Building and promoting advocacy, philanthropy, and human rights-based frameworks

  • High-impact corporate partnerships that transform lives

  • Social responsibility programs to strengthen corporate businesses and society simultaneously.

  • Amplify company investments in empowering against sexual and gender-based violence.

Maximizing sponsorship, marketing, advocacy, employee engagement, and employment opportunities.
  • Corporate philanthropic partnerships are critical to our mission.

  • Thrivers On The Move value the impact of our corporate partners and are committed to communicating the impact of these investments and promoting this model across sectors.

  • Donations of cash, products, and services that enable us to bolster our impact on combating sexual and gender-based violence to survivors/thrivers and their families and communities.

  • Thrivers On The Move maximizes every partnership and connects our partners to the work they support.

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