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Welcome, Friends!
This is Sara. I know you are here for a good reason, and I know that it will work out for you!
With more than 15+ years of experience in building capacities, providing gender equity project coordination with a strong cross-sectoral portfolio of projects in a multicultural environment in the for-profit, international development, and non-profit sectors, Sara is dedicated to advancing minority women & immigrants' rights in ending their underemployment or unemployment in the USA.

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Sara Abdel,
Founder & CEO

As a skilled immigrant professional, I experienced many challenges to land my fulfilling jobs and be on a career path that allowed me to be financially stable.

Access to Financial Capital & Financial Freedom for women not only helps women; it strengthens the economy and serves humanity.
Until this happens, we have work to do. Join me in my life mission to employ 1M immigrant and minority women, fill in 1 M jobs, and make the world a better place as we deserve.

Economic Development and Advocacy.
Yes, both can work together!

Sara is an experienced Bilingual, MBA, and certified non-profit organization (CNP) entrepreneur advocate and senior gender project manager & trainer with more than 15+ years of experience in building capacities, providing gender equity project coordination with a strong cross-sectoral portfolio of projects in a multicultural environment in the for-profit, international development, and non-profit sectors.

She started in the for-profit sector in projects and client management with Microsoft, Cisco, and OnAir Switzerland as a Senior Project Manager.

Sara Contributes to projects from all over the globe

Prior to her founding Thrivers on The Move & Thrivers Philanthropies, Sara’s philanthropic women’s empowerment portfolio includes managing projects with NGOs, government agencies, and think- tanks including Vital Voices Global Partnerships as their Senior Human Rights Project Coordinator for the MENA region where she co-managed and built capacities for the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Nadia Murad’s organization Nadia’s Initiative

The Office for the United States Senator Jeanne Shaheen, Hashoo Foundation USA, The Brookings Institution, the Office of Interfaith and Community Alliances, Unitarian Universalist for Social Justice, and as an Adjunct Professor at George Mason University – College Of Humanities And Social Sciences.


Sara has an unwavering commitment and belief to empower sexual and gender-based violence survivors to reconnect with their true worth and identity. Like a Phoenix, Sara believes every survivor & every woman has the power to thrive and that it is our duty as individuals and institutions to provide all the possible opportunities or create the impossible ones for survivors to thrive and lead a life that they deserve.

Sara also co-managed the development of advocacy programs and building partnerships with stakeholders on congressional policy making issues on Capitol Hill where she offered policy analysis and recommendations to improve immigration laws and other public policy issues.

Learn From Industry Leaders

Learn at Your Own Pace

Professional Certification

 MBA- Public Administration & Public Policy
Designing Quality Control Systems - Cornell
Certificates: Quality and Safety & Humanitarian Response
Critical Thinking and Academic Research
 Business Management Certificate

Why Employment?


Sara’s professional background and career development pursuits empower job seekers to achieve their career goals and have encouraged her to develop and maintain relationships with employment partners, government agencies, and public, and non-profit organizations which allow her to develop knowledge and expertise on many of the skills central to this industry. Sara has promoted equal payment rights for women on campus as the Women’s Center graduate assistant.

As an experienced Employment and Career and Strategic Partnerships Manager with multiple career consulting organizations including Be the Change Career Consulting, Upwardly Global, Baltimore Job Hunters Support Group, Sara gained solid experience in managing and implementing employment and economic development projects through building employment partnerships that serve job seekers and offer employment solutions.

In these capacities, she drafted employment programs description, implemented action plans, reviewed compliance requirements, and marketed employment programs to more than 200+ stakeholders. Sara also provided a full range of program support for operational planning (OP), performance monitoring and reporting, and partners’ communications follow-ups.

Sara’s in-depth knowledge of the career opportunities and employment barriers, government employment contracts, and adults’ training and higher education guidelines, and requirements which all help her contribute to the meaningful mission of empowering individuals and communities.

In her previous roles as a refugee resettlement employment specialist and an assistant to the Executive Director at Hashoo Foundation USA in Houston, Texas for career development and economic empowerment projects, Sara guided the fundraising and occupational skills program design; and monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL).

She also co-managed the challenging diverse portfolio that involved national and international stakeholders from more than twenty-three countries. In addition to conducting various outreach, logistics, and administrative tasks for training refugees, Sara coached university students for micro financing development projects for sales and honeybee farming.

These efforts resulted in securing cooperative agreements with country offices and liaising with relevant stakeholders, which increased the percentage of hiring skilled referrals.

Understanding the different workforce needs and barriers has been a primary part of this role that led to meeting the fundraising project target of $20,000 that had a positive impact on beneficiaries’ economic development and employment situation.

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